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Lactose Intolerant?

AlfaLite has less than one half the lactose of ordinary dairy milk, and none of the large casein proteins., so many people diagnosed with lactose-intolerance can enjoy it without ill effects. Read more

Gluten free milk?

AlfaLite is gluten-free. The maltodextrins used in AlfaLite are typically derived from either potato or maize starch, which are gluten-free. Read more

A healthy alternative

AlfaLite provides an excellent, balanced mix of nutrients, well-suited for everyday use. Most people can benefit from drinking AlfaLite. Read more

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Looking for healthy milk alternative that is lactose friendly
and gluten free?

AlfaLite Plain is a great tasting, cholesterol-free, milk alternative that is high in Calcium but low in fat and has less calories than trim milk.

AlfaLatté tastes like a creamy coffee latté, but there is NO CAFFEINE, it has no added sugar but all the health benefits of plain AlfaLite.

Alfa Kreem whipped topping is cholesterol free and has less than half the calories and 75% less fat than whipped cream but with the same great taste. 

It can be made with chilled AlfaLite or any ‘milk’ of your choice.

Try the 10-Day Test!

If you suffer from eczema, asthma, hay-fever, sinus, colds, catarrh, headaches or migraine, constipation, lethargy, hyperactivity, excess mucus, phlegm, obesity, diabetes or hypertension, the cause may be intolerance to cow's milk and other dairy products.

Give up all dairy products for 10 days

If you get relief for you symptoms but miss your 'milk', replace is with AlfaLite. Up to 85% of our customers with dairy intolerance remain symptom free. NO Artificial Flavours, Colours or Preservatives. Try the 10-day test and feel the difference yourself!

Click here to place your order and start your ten day test.